HUd/reo Foreclosure

MLM & Associates has been a pioneer in foreclosure appraisals since its inception. Director Michele Miller has been awarded contracts and partnered with the Small Business Administration to complete HUD foreclosures for the governement.

Estate appraisals

With 30 + years in the Real Estate business, MLM & Associates knows that estate matters are sometimes personal and need to be handled with compassion while still conducting unbiased and professional reports. Michele and her staff can make settling an estate that much easier.


Whether divorce from a partner or separation of any kind  MLM & Associates can offer an unbiased and professional opinion of value to help ensure fair separation of equity.




tax re-evaluation


Before sinking your life savings into an investment property find out what potential the property actually has. AS-IS, Rehab, 90 quick sales:WE CAN HELP.


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