MLM Gives Back

MLM & Associates joined forces with Devons Paint Parties to raise funds for an amazing animal rescue in Bucks County. Rescue Purrfect is well known around the area for their involvement within the community to help minimize the population of felines living out doors by utilizing Trap Neuter Release .cc cat

TNR is a process in which community cats are trapped, taken to a medical facility to receive necessary treatment, allowed to recover then, if deemed “feral” ,returned to the area they were found. Rescue Purrfect  does not put back friendly cats and will find placement for those cats either within their facility, or through a foster program. RP also takes it an extra step and sets up colony care takers who create shelters,  oversee the animals who are released to ensure the population isn’t growing and that the animals remain healthy and fed 365 days a year.

cc photo1

Now this is a mission we can get behind! Paint and sip party was a blast, team members got to hang out outside of work and strengthened relationships while supporting Rescue Purrfect and their mission.

mlm photo1

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